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Wednesday Room 1
Development and deployment of laser processes in the Aerospace sectorGrafton-Reed, CRolls Royce
High Power Fiber Laser Welding of Aerospace Alloys with and without the Filler Material Naeem, MPrima Power Laserdyne
In-bore robotic laser cutting and welding tools for nuclear fusion reactorsKirk, SUKAEA
Development of advanced seam tracking laser welding systemAllen, CTWI
Variations of remote laser welding of hang-on-partsMüller, AII-VI Highyag
Wednesday Room 1
Laser Welding: A Guiding Hand from Concept to ProductionSilva, JCarrs Welding
High Brightness Fiber Lasers for E-Mobility ApplicationsReinermann, NIPG Laser GmbH
High power diode lasers from NIR to blue wavelength for advanced material processingEltze, ALaserline GmbH
BrightLine Weld – trend and improvements in laser welding applicationsCollmer, STRUMPF
Wednesday Room 1
Choosing the right resonatorLo Guzzo, GMazak
Highly flexible laser processing of single batch tubes for e-carsDraegar, AJenoptik
Development of underwater laser cutting technology for offshore decommissioning applicationsKhan, ATWI
Optimisation of Sheet Metal Cutting with a High Power, Variable Mode Fibre LaserHarrison, PSPI Lasers
Water-Jet Guided Laser Machining of Metal Matrix CompositesMarimuthu, S MTC
Additive Manufacturing
Wednesday Room 2
10:45 - 12:15
Problems with In-Space Additive ManufacturingSmith, PUniversity of Nottingham
Innovation in wedge wire filter designs using Additive Manufacturing (AM)Geekie, L Croft AM
Innovation in AM: From feasibility to production in Laser Powder Bed FusionThombansen, UFraunhofer ILT
3D Printing of Metal-Glass Hybrid Material Objects using Modified SLM with Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Selective Powder DeliveryZhang, XUniversity of Manchester
The role of dendrite growth and cooling rates in the densification mechanism of L-PBF of AlSi10Mg alloyZavala, MTWI
Additive Manufacturing
Wednesday Room 2
13:45 - 15:00
Satalliting of WC-Co Composite Powder for Additive ManufacturingAl-Thamir, MUniversity of Nottingham
The effects of laser beam characteristics in linear energy deposition mechanisms within the quality and dimensions of single tracks within SLMRowbottom, MTWI
Anti-counterfeiting 3D printed parts via multiple material selective laser meltingWei, C University of Manchester
Laser polishing of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V parts and subsequent stress relievingMcDonald, MHeriot-Watt University
Performance of additively manufactured Nickel Superalloys and Ti6Al4V on Renishaw’s multi-laser AM systemsAswathanarayanaswamy, RRenishaw
Diagnostics & Measurement
Wednesday Room 2
Beam Analysis in the scan-field of powder bed laser additive manufacturing systemsLampmann, KPRIMES GmbH
Analysing laser machined YBCO micro bridges using Raman spectroscopy and transport measurements aiming to investigate process induced degradationLange, KUniversity of Cambridge
Diagnostics and sensing for laser based additive manufacturing: Lessons learnt from laser micromachining and weldingDemir, AGPolytechnic of Milan
Measures and tools for quality assurance in metal AM throughout the entire manufacturing processKoegl, BAMCM
In-process monitoring of fiber laser based joiningWebster, P.IPG Photonics, Canada
Surface Engineering Wednesday Room 3
Laser Shock Peening Evaluations of Ti-6Al-7Nb Alloy: Residual Stress, Microhardness, and MicrostructureShen, XCoventry University
Impact of laser and external postprocesing parameters in the anti-wetting transition of nanosecond laser generated texturesGodoy-Vilar, JMTC
Effect of process and material disturbances on the response of biomaterial surfaces functionalized via laser surface texturingBatal, AUniversity of Birmingham
Toughening Advanced Ceramics with Laser Shock PeeningShukla, PCoventry University
Transition of Laser Patterned Ultrahydrophillic Surface to Ultrahydrophobic by Vacuum ProcessBrajer, JHiLase
Microfabrication Wednesday Room 3
The use of sub-picosecond laser processing for producing surface structures/textures on diamond-like carbon coated replication mastersMichalek, AUniversity of Birmingham
Micro-machining with High-frequency Bursts of Ultra-short Pulse LasersButkus, SLight Conversion
High Throughput and High Quality Surface Processing with Ultrafast LasersNeuenschwander, BBern University of Applied Sciences
A Top-down strategy of synthesizing FePt, Fe3Pt alloy and Pt nanoparticles with controllable phase, structure and size for oxygen reduction reactionPeng, YUniversity of Manchester
Microfabrication Wednesday Room 3
Bandgap control of doped graphene by laser direct writing on PET polymer substrate from PBI inkHunag, Y.University of Manchester
Towards industrial implementation of laser surface texturing as a tool for enhancing wear resistance and friction reduction on sliding surfacesArnaldo, DOxford Lasers
Effect of laser micro texturing on the performance of a polycrystalline boron nitride cutting tool for hard-part turningPacella, MLoughborough University
Laser Direct Grain WritingGortat, DUniversity of Cambridge
A study on laser generated periodic textures on tungsten carbide cutting tool surfaces for the reduction of frictional forcesButler-Smith, PMTC
Thursday Room 1
Selected cleaning applications for e-mobility with high power fibre lasersRosowski, A.SPI Lasers
Laser Cleaning Applications using
The World’s Smallest Portable Fiber Laser Cleaning System
Sexton, LLaserAge
Fibre vs YAG laser cleaning, a comparison based on cost and qualityMetsios, IAndritz Powerlase
Corrosion studies of laser-cleaned and laser-marked metallic alloysLiu, ZUniversity of Manchester
High power industrial laser cleaning studies and applicationsJin, Y.Advanced Laser Technology
Systems & Automation
Thursday Room 1
Modern Coordinated Control in Laser Systems, The Expanding Dominion of Motion Control SystemsLand, WAerotech
Fully automated laser welding process in industrial seating component manufacturing by means of OCT for in-situ weld depth measurement and closed loop controlDemirbas, TPrecitec
Laser Processing using Machine Learning for Real-Time Monitoring and ControlXie, YUniversity of Southampton
Piezo based beam shaping for high dynamic laser material processing in 3DDeveraj Nair, L.Physik Instrumente (PI)
Thursday Room 1
Laser Drilling of Thermal Barrier Coated Nickel AlloyMarimuthu, SMTC
Influence of a Dielectric Surface on Laser Drilling Micro-holes in Single Crystal Germanium at 1070nm wavelength using Millisecond Pulse Widths
Maclean, JUniversity of Nottingham
The morphological effect of top-hat beam shape on laser drilling of micron-scale high aspect ratio holes in silicon nitrideNasrollahi, VUniversity of Birmingham
Tailored beam ultrafast laser drilling of crack-free blind holes in Al2O3 with vertical walls and flat bottom without recast and heat affect zonesLi, ZUniversity of Manchester
High-Performance Cutting and Drilling with the 400W Laser MicroJet TechnologyRicherzhagen, E.Synova SA
Sources & Beam Delivery
Thursday Room 2
The importance of laser beam intensity profile and shape in the optimisation of laser processingCroxford, NNeedham Laser Technologies
‘More power to the people’ with a 60W Intracavity UV ns LaserKilmer, JPhotonics Industries
High-power femtosecond lasers for higher throughput and advanced processingSzymczak, GAmplitude
Hollow-core anti-resonant fibres for transmission of high peak power laser light: impact of coupling misalignmentSiwicki, BHeriot-Watt University
Modulase: A re-configurable laser processing system for welding, cutting and claddingMortello, MTWI
Marking & Ablation
Thursday Room 2
Galvanometer Scanning Technology and 9.3μm CO2 Lasers for On-The-Fly Converting ApplicationsHemmerich, MNovanta Europe
High Average Power Pulsed Fibre Lasers for High-Quality EngravingDondieu, SHeriot-Watt University
Femtosecond laser applications and benefits for surface texturing and micromachining applicationsWadkin, GGF Machining Solutions
Nanosecond laser ablation of woods: An insight to the ablation characteristics of woodsNath, SCoventry University
Additive Manufacturing
Thursday Room 2
Large Scale Laser Additive Manufacture Processes, overview of the systems and future market impactTosi, RMTC
Porosity control of in-situ forming tungsten carbide in laser additive manufacturingSevcenko, PUniversity of Hertfordshire
Open Architecture Additive Manufacturing – The OAAM ProjectHauser, CTWI
Desired Microstructures for Metallic AM ComponentsFearon, EAdvanced Laser Technology
Fire and Explosion Risks when Fibre laser processing Aluminium and TitaniumEvans, JBOFA International
CIM Laser
Thursday Room 3
Laser powder bed fusion in sub-atmospheric and high-pressure atmospheresMoore, AHeriot-Watt University
Ultrashort Laser Welding of Optical-Structural MaterialsCarter, RHeriot-Watt University
Direct laser writing of anti-counterfeiting holographic structures on metal productsWlodarczyk, KHeriot-Watt University
Application of High-Speed Holographic Imaging in Laser-Matter InteractionsPangovski, KUniversity of Cambridge
Next-generation Industrial Laser TechnologiesEsser, DHeriot-Watt University
Selection of welding parameters in pulsed wave micro seam welding Coroado, JCranfield University
CIM Laser
Thursday Room 3
Multi-Laser Powder-Bed FusionWong, HayUniversity of Liverpool
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Refractory MetalsSidambe, AUniversity of Liverpool
Laser shock peening without absorbent coating and its impact on materials propertiesRajamudili, KCranfield University
Wire + laser additive manufactureSuder, WCranfield University
Laser based polishing of cobalt chrome and titanium alloy additively manufacture partsGora, WHeriot-Watt University
Thursday Room 3
High-rate ultrashort pulse laser processing for advanced micro fabricationSchille, JLaserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida
Fibre Laser Processing for Fabrication of Perovskite and Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsChen, QUniversity of Manchester
Scribing and cutting of silicon and alumina ceramics using fibre lasersWalsh, NSPI Lasers
Application of laser surface texturing in enhancing the performance of additives in engine oilsKhaemba, DMTC
Laser surface texturing with thermal post processing for the modification of wettability properties of titanium alloyRico-Sierra, DUniversity of Liverpool