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Information for exhibitors

Risk assessment.
PLEASE fill in this form and return it to by Friday 15th March.

Floor plans.
Please see here for a 2-page PDF. The first page shows the external layout of the hotel and exhibition centre. Entrances to access the exhibition area are marked in yellow. The more direct route is from the conference centre car park – you can access the exhibition room directly through the fire doors. The second page shows the table layout within the exhibition area.

Set-up and break-down times.
You can set up from 18:00 – midnight on Tuesday 19th March and from 07:00 on Wednesday 20th March. Break-down will be after 15:15 on Thursday 21st March (after the final refreshment break). PLEASE NOTE: ALL GOODS TO BE SHIPPED OUT VIA COURIER MUST BE COLLECTED ON THURSDAY 21st MARCH. The hotel does not have sufficient storage space to hold equipment after 21st March due to incoming deliveries for other events.

Delivery address.
Should you wish to deliver anything to the hotel before the event, please ensure that it does not arrive before Monday 18th March (due to restricted storage – see above). The delivery information is as follows:

FAO Jemma Clough
AILU Event 20th-21st March 2019
Crewe Hall Hotel
Weston Road

The tables are 6 ft (1.8 m) trestle tables with a weight limit of 75 kg. A white table cloth and chair will be provided. Each table will have an electrical socket.

  • All exhibits must fit on the table.

  • There will be space for a pull-up banner behind the table, but the banner width must not exceed the table length.

  • Please observe good stand etiquette:

    • Respect other stand holders by not encroaching on their space.

    • Please do not bring anything to be positioned at the side or in front of your table. You will be asked to remove any obstructions.